Welcome to my Official Website. I teach American literature at Fordham University and write about subjects ranging from crime fiction to the scientific search for room-temperature semiconductors. I also write a column for The Chronicle of Higher Education called “The Graduate Adviser.” You’ll find links leading to many of my articles on this site.

The Graduate School Mess: What Caused It and How We Can Fix ItMy new book, The Graduate School Mess: What Caused It and How We Can Fix It, will be published in September by Harvard University Press. You can order it in advance here.

Other recent books:

The Cambridge Companion to Baseball The Cambridge Companion to Baseball, winner of a 2012 Book Award from the North American Society of Sports Historians (NASSH).
“It seems like the entire history of baseball is packed into this one book — and without a wasted word. It’s tremendously enjoyable — the perfect companion.” — Jim Bouton, former New York Yankees pitcher and author of Ball Four
You can order it here.
Here’s a video of me talking about the book.

The Cambridge History of The American Novel
The Cambridge History of The American Novel
Edited by me, Clare Virginia Eby and Benjamin Reiss, this literary history traces the American novel from its emergence in the late eighteenth century to its diverse incarnations in the multi-ethnic, multi-media culture of the present. This book was published in 2011. You can order it here.

Hard-Boiled Sentimentality: The Secret History of American Crime Stories, published by Columbia University Press, was nominated for the Edgar and Macavity awards, and named one of the Ten Best mystery and crime books of 2008 by the Los Angeles Times (the only nonfiction book on the list). Read more about the book here, or order it here.